Mind and Body Wellbeing Workshops

In today’s 24/7 switched on work culture, positivity in the workplace has never been as important to employee’s performance and wellbeing. These interactive workshops raise morale and empower wellness in the workplace.

3 options are available.

1. Positive Wellbeing Workshop (2 Hours)

Interactive wellness talk (1 hour)

  • Explores Wellbeing model of wellbeing and how to achieve Authentic happiness
  • Allows employees to immediately focus on health priorities and put this model of wellbeing into practice

Yoga and Meditation Wellness Practice (1 hour)

  • Learn de-stressing breathing techniques and simple meditation to cope with life’s challenges
  • Practice restorative yoga to combat stress and rise resilience

2. Build Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Workshop

Anxiety and Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 of us at some point in our lives. This workshop supports individuals to feel more empowered to deal with life’s ups and downs to achieve more emotional balance.

Combination of mindfulness and relaxing breathing techniques to help employees manage emotions and cope with their feelings.

Interactive wellness talk (1 hour)

  • Explore how mental health affects your wellbeing
  • Allows employees to identify their own stress triggers

Energising Yoga Reset (1 hour)

  • Upbeat Yoga Practice with deep relaxation to balance and recharge mind and body

3. Boost Awareness & Self-Confidence

Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with digital overwhelm without any time for real self-knowledge or awareness of self. This workshop helps re-focus the important priorities in your life so as to get work/life balance and gain clarity and more focus in your lives.

Interactive wellness talk (1 hour)

  • Explore how mindfulness and calm techniques can help contribute to stress management and ground you in challenging times
  • Practice how to calm the “monkey-mind” into becoming a clearer and more effective tool

Grounding yoga and mindful meditation session (1 hour)

* 1 hour sessions – 55 mins – Sample programmes
* Bespoke combinations of health and wellbeing talks/yoga and mindfulness practices for companies/individuals also available upon request

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