What people say about Susannah

Susannah delivered yoga and wellness classes to a large number of employees as part of our 2020 Wellness Programme. We found her to be dynamic, engaging and highly professional.

Patricia Smyth

Call Centre Manager



Thanks, Susannah, for the Wellness Webinar programme you worked with us on at Ventac.

We really enjoyed working with you, it was great to take the hour out and focus on our wellbeing.

The sessions were full of good advice and positivity, and you made the on-line meetings very engaging and relaxing. The practical advice you gave us will really have a positive impact and all the team here at Ventac.

Darren Fortune

Managing Director



I recently had the chance to attend Susannah’s Wellness sessions. She is full of energy, an amazing orator − calm, composed and keeps her audience engaged.

Her advice and tips are simple yet effective. Her webinars are high powered sessions that will leave you feeling positive.

I highly recommend her corporate wellbeing sessions.

Pooja Sawant

HR and Operations Manager


Wallace Myers International